Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mid-November Puppy Update

I realized I haven’t blog about the puppies in a while.

Ares’ nickname is still the Terrorist, our leather ottoman is completely destroyed, but until he is definitely done teething, we will be hanging on to it. The vet said he has all his adult teeth in now, so we should be getting close.

Ares’ had his first bath about a month ago. Normally you don’t need to bathe Norwegian Elkhounds, and in fact you don’t want to because their coats keep clean on their own, but Ares had a dirty dog smell about him that we were not big fans of.

Most importantly, Ares got neutered yesterday. He started humping Freya last Thursday, so Friday I called the vet to schedule his surgery. We were planning on doing it after Thanksgiving, but not a big deal. When he went in for his pre-op appointment on Friday, he weighed 34 pounds! He was 26.7 pounds when he graduated puppy class like 3 weeks ago. And Freya weighs 42 pounds. And he's not even 6 months old. This pup is going to be big. Then when we took him in for his surgery, he had to get weighed again and he was up to 35.2 pounds! OMG. 1.2 pounds in 3 ½ days! Dylan did say he wanted a big dog… I am definitely glad we got him fixed sooner rather than later. He still got fixed about 3 weeks later than Freya did, since we did want him to get bigger, but wow, we’ll see how it turns out.

We currently have Freya at my parents house so they don’t wrestle together all day and he can rest. It is very sad without her and Dylan said she was really sad to be left there by herself. Freya and Ares have only been apart for when Ares goes to the vet or had puppy class so 3 days apart will be a big deal.

We decided to not put the cone of shame on him. He was being really good last night about leaving his wound alone and didn’t really pay much attention to it at all. He was mostly just a big snuggle bug. All 35.2 pounds of him were curled up on me when we got back from the vet. I don’t know if it was the rough day he had or that Freya wasn’t there, but he was way more snuggly than usual. And then we let him sleep on the bed with us too... It was just easier to see if he bothered his wound better that way. And maybe I missed sleeping with a puppy… Freya is going to be very mad at me when she comes back tomorrow.

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