Sunday, November 20, 2011

Arranging the Guest Rooms

Last step of our house arranging is the upstairs guest bedrooms.

My cousin had one of their beds in my office (the left guest bedroom), so when that left, here is what we had:

We moved the desk and bookcase and one pair of cubes to the basement, and moved a lot of the stuff out of the closet. This is one of the few rooms where we threw out somethings too, so that's always good to get rid of more crap that I am surprised we moved in the first place.

Now it is a mostly empty room that we are using as our "laundry room" with our drying rack and ironing board. The closet is just holding some art work and other stuff that will eventually go on our walls I am sure.

On to the other guest bedroom. This is the before:
This is the after:
Not too different, but it is much easier to make the bed and there are actual night night stands now. I am still considering moving the bed along the other wall though. In part since we are limited in centering the bed because of the heat vent to the right of the bed. 

That concludes the tour of our newly arranged house!

Overall I feel we are taking pretty good advantage of our new space. You can tell it is still a lot more space than we need, since we have an entire empty bedroom. I have a lot of plans, but we will get there in good time!

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