Saturday, September 3, 2011

Summer Lovin'

This weekend has been amazing and it isn't even half over!

One of Dylan's best friends, one of my favorite of his friends, is in town from last Thursday through Tuesday. That automatically means an epic weekend.

To make things even better, one of my best friends and Dylan's friend have very recently (Dylan and I suggested it about 2 1/2 weeks ago) become romantically interested in each other so I have gotten to hang out with her a lot too. Even more awesome.

Their beginnings of a relationship reminds me of Dylan and my beginnings. I remember the long distance, the quick but amazing weekends together, the waking up everyone else in the house...

It just cracks me up! I guess there must be something about Colorado girls and Nebraska boys... sparks just fly :)

The timing is impeccable since Dylan and I just had our two month anniversary yesterday. All four of us, along with some other friends, went out downtown. Sad but true, it was Dylan and my first night going out (not just to dinner) since before we were married. (Granted we aren't always the go out type and we are trying to manage out budget) It was so much fun!

As much as I miss the honeymoon phase and awesome weekends, I love being married. I prefer consistency by nature, and it is just hard to do a long distance relationship. I love knowing pretty much everything about Dylan. I love how comfortable everything is (although I feel like I have always been comfortable with Dylan). I love building a home together and talking about starting a family (besides our puppies!).

Our new "couple" also make both Dylan and I feel younger. (because really, we are pretty old... (they are the exact same age as both of us btw)). I feel like seeing a new relationship always brings you back to your roots.

Great friends, great fun and great timing to keep on loving life and being a newlywed!

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