Sunday, August 28, 2011

Formal Pics Are Up!

I got my formal wedding pictures about two weeks ago. I have posted all except for the reception on facebook. I figured since I have walked through all of the wedding in my blog already, I would just show you the highlight pictures, in no particular order :)

We took the majority of our pictures on the gorgeous patio Dylan's parents finished just for the wedding.
Dylan and I with Brett and Goose
With two of my favorite cousins, who did the reading for the wedding.
The girls fawning over Dylan
The whole wedding party in front of the pond. I made us all trek down to the pond to get some pictures from there. We put on our flip-flops for the walk, but that made it a lot easier.  I loved the pictures!
The boys trying to hold me up, but laughing too hard.
Dylan and I kissing at the pond. This is my favorite! We will definitely have a big one of this framed :)
The boys messing around with the girls bouquets and fans. Let's just say the boys had a lot of fun with pictures.
Me and Goose. This shows the exact perfect effect of the white dress with purple flowers and purple dress with white flowers. And the strapless dresses. LOVE IT!
Brett and I having some fun taking pictures--being thug, you know.
Another one of my favorite pictures. It turned out SO well :)
I love this one with Dylan's sister getting way up on her toes to kiss Dylan. Too cute.
Dylan's mom found these white parasols. They were perfect for pictures. I love this one since it looks like the girls aren't wearing anything. Te he.
I thought this was a funny pose, but also sums up our relationship ;)
Dylan and I's first look. This was the first time he saw me in my dress.
Our flowergirl presenting me with my bouquet.
I LOVE THIS. This is all of the wedding part walking back from pictures at the pond. Such an awesome picture with the guys and girls and the barn.
After our marriage license was all signed. "He's all mine!" And I am all his :)
A great kiss after Dylan thanked everyone for coming.
Sweet picture of the cake cutting. I love that our rings are both in the picture.
After the girls and I performed our dance for Dylan.
The bouquet toss. Hilarious picture. The girl that jumped really high, that is my roommate, my cousin's girlfriend. She really wanted the bouquet I think! I also love my bridesmaid in front who was overwhelmed at the chaos.
That is a nice little summary of the formal pictures. Everything was so much fun. It will be two months this coming Friday. It is starting to feel like the wedding was a long time ago now. I am also starting to get the itch to work on my scrapbook, but that will have to wait for work to slow down. Yay pictures!

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  1. You know the saying "a pictures worth a thousand words...." hahaha


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