Saturday, September 3, 2011

Growing Puppy

Ares is getting huge! We don't own a scale so I really don't know how big he is, but he's getting really big.

He can look up over our bed now. He can go up the big staircase now (thank goodness! he would go downstairs and then get stuck and bark for us to come get him). He is taller than my parents smaller dog (Shiba Inu) and close to their larger one (beagle and cocker spaniel mix).
You can see his tail is wagging in this picture since his tail is blurry, so cute!

He has been almost perfect about going outside to potty. We still make sure we lead him outside pretty often, but he goes in and out on his own a lot.

He is getting his dark fur in. I actually think Freya is softer than him right now because his coarser fur is on top.
His coloring is almost exactly like Freya's and all elkhounds

His left ear is still down.

He is sleeping in a lot better! We feed the dogs at 7pm now, and I think that helps. When I take him out in the night (which he does a lot less) he will go back to sleep.

Overall he has been a great puppy :)

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