Monday, September 19, 2011

Mellow Puppy

These last couple weeks with Ares have been great!

He now has all of this shots and we can go more places now. Like the dog park! We have taken him to the local dog park a couple times now, but tonight was the first time we went to the big dog park. He did really good of staying right by us. Freya was SO excited to be at the park again, since it has been awhile.

Ares was checking out the water and got his paws wet. Then we walked onto the next pond and a large poodle came over to play and Ares backed into the water and ended up going swimming! He did great but he was definitely surprised. I'm just glad we didn't have to make him go for his first swim.

He has also started puppy class (finally!). The first week we did sit and down, which he knows really well. We also started learning leave it, which we have never officially taught him. How you start training it if by having a treat in your hand and opening your hand for the puppy to get it but saying leave it and closing your hand when he goes for it. Right away he got it. He even backs up when you say "leave it". This week we did more leave it, which he still did really well. We also did loose leash walking, which ended up not being an issue since he is more slow than a puller.

At the end of class he just hangs out and watches the other dogs play. He is just so mellow. He plays a lot with Freya, but in general he just likes to hang out. At class he just goes from person to person to say hi and then sniffs the other dogs. In his defense, one of the dogs is a bit crazy. It's his second time doing puppy class.

That is one of the biggest differences between him and Freya, that she LOVES dogs and he LOVES people.

His other ear has popped up.

The only issue is that he still gets up early. Not 5am, but around 6:30. Even on the weekend. That is the worst part. And then Freya and Ares will wrestle in the room together or he will bark at us until we get up. That is the only time of day he is not mellow: 6:15am-8:15am.

He is getting so freakishly cute though! I was gone last weekend visiting Goose and when I got back he was even more cute! He is distracting. Literally I have to plan time for the cuteness.

The main question is whose dog is he going to be? Freya has definitely ended up being mine. Dylan is supposed to lead the majority of training, but between me being home more often since I had taken some time off work and worked from home and Dylan not feeling well for class this weekend, I have been more involved. We also decided that Dylan has more of tendency to be a brother than an alpha, where as I am definitely the mom of this house. So we'll see how it turns out. We didn't really know Freya was my dog until these last couple months.
Fun times with our mellow puppy :)

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  1. I love this blog! especially the last picture with Ares being super super super adorable!!!


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