Sunday, September 11, 2011

Need to Jam Out

There is SO much music that I need to buy!

My list just keeps getting longer (did you all realize I am a big fan of lists yet?!)

This week the True Blood Volume 3 soundtrack came out. I was able to preview it online last week and it is awesome. This means I probably also need to check out the first two soundtracks as well...

The Grey's Anatomy Volume 4 soundtrack comes out next week. I have the first three and they are amazing, and I have already heard one of the tracks - "Heart on Fire" by Scars on 45.

One of my co-workers burned me Foster the People's album "Torches" so that was one album off of my list. I also got Adele's "21" from another friend.

I just found out the Florence + The Machine's new album comes out the beginning of November.

I also want the Joy Formidable, Young the Giant, Naked and Famous albums. (I get most of my inspiration from Alt Nation on Sirius/XM)

I think Neko Case would be great (inspired from the True Blood soundtrack per above).

There is also the new Coldplay album. I'm actually a little up in the air on it. I don't know if it will be an immediate buy. I may need to test the waters a bit first.

I am sure the list will keep getting longer before it gets any shorter. I think I will need to make music a part of our budget going forward.

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  1. LOL I am finding myself downloading a lot of single songs on itunes lately. The music industry has picked it back up - my wallet is not so grateful!


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