Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jazz on the Green

This last weekend Dylan and I went to a Jazz on the Green at one of our local parks. It is a park I had never been to, and it was awesome!
They have this great fountain with chlorinated water so that kids can safely play in it and a stream.
There was also a play pad with fountains and a super sweet playground. (I didn't want to take pictures since I didn't want to feel like a creeper taking pictures of other people's children) I cannot wait to have kids and take them here!

Overall I am loving the area we moved to more and more. I am appreciating the fact that everything is so close and instead of driving everywhere all over town, we drive to one place and everything is there. I love all of the trails and parks you find everywhere. I didn't even know this park with the Jazz on the Green existed!

This is the concert area with a stage and sloped grass for people to sit and enjoy the concert. There were a lot of little kids running around while parents listened. Some kids were dancing in the front of the stage. Too cute! I never did things like this when I was little, and I am excited to get to introduce my kids to these types of environments.
Dylan and I brought some blankets and used our fancy new cooler to bring grapes and cheese and crackers and cookies to snack on. We didn't bring wine since we didn't know the regulations though, just some vitamin water.
Pretty picture of the sunset through a tree in the park. Even though it looked like it might rain, we didn't get any, which was good for the concert.
Dylan was all snuggly and enjoyed the concert from the comfort of my lap.
Overall it was a great time! Unfortunately it was the last concert of the season, but we will definitely try to go to more next year! A great little Saturday evening activity with the husband :)

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