Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Goofy Puppy

Sorry I have been a terrible blogger. My work computer, which I usually use for interneting at home has been down due to hard drive issues. I also think I will stop using it at home just because I probably should anyways. That leaves Dylan's Mac, which is fine (I am using it now) but it doesn't have an SD slot so it is more complicated to get pictures onto it (i.e. I would need to find my camera cord or I need to put them on my desk top and then use the external hard drive to get the pics onto the Mac). It also leaves my desktop. I really like using my desktop and wouldn't mind being in my office (i.e. not sitting in front of the TV), but apparently our DSL is only set up to give one phone line jack internet access, and that line is downstairs. My dad is working on switching it, but he doesn't make it over to my house often enough.

So I will just deal and blog on!

I figured everyone needed some updates on our adorable puppy since it has been 2 weeks I think!

We went to the vet for some shots. He is now 13 pounds. Which is less than we expected (I bet he would be 14 lbs and Dylan bet 19 lbs), but still big! He got his distemper booster and Freya got her rabies and distemper boosters (she was not a fan of the vet after that). Overall they are both healthy and doing well.
Chillin at Grandma and Grandpa's house

He has one ear up. It looks so goofy. I keep making fun of him (not that he knows that!). I missed this phase for Freya since I was traveling for work right after we got her. His right ear popped up last Thursday, but his left is still hanging in there. Sometimes it will be up, like it was at 5am this morning.
It's up!
He still loves vents

Yes, he is still getting up early. He will sleep through the night, but still gets up between 5 and 5:30 every morning. I discussed this with Dylan since it is really starting to wear on me. I am just super tired by 8pm every night and generally more tired throughout the day as well. We think he may be getting up then because that is 12 hours after he is fed in the evenings. We have been feeding him at 7am and 5:30pm every day. So we hope that maybe feeding him later, at 7pm, will help him sleep later. We will try that for a week and see if that helps. We also discussed having each having one night a week where we are "off" and get to sleep the whole night. I would sleep Monday nights and Dylan would sleep Tuesday nights. (Again, it's not like we aren't sleeping, I usually am asleep by 10 (or earlier) so I get around 7 hours of sleep, but by getting up at 5 am, my whole day is off.). The hard part is it is not even a potty thing, he is just lonely and awake at 5am. So even if we left him outside or downstairs, he would just bark and keep us awake anyways. If he just ends up being an early morning dog, I will adjust my schedule and be an early morning person, instead of being half-awake/half-asleep while he chews on stuff on the couch next to me.

We have also been going on a lot of walks. He does really well! He is a great loose-leash walker, but we'll see how long that lasts. We took him to the dog park since it was really empty in order to see how he did off-leash. He did so well! He stayed right by us the whole time. He is still a little afraid of other dogs, especially bigger dogs, but he will get there.
Dylan: Mush!

He was supposed to start puppy class on Sunday. We went to PetSmart at 2pm on Sunday and since we were a little early we bought food for Freya and a new Kong for Ares. When we were checking out I asked about whether there was a class at 2pm. The cashier said no and I pulled out my receipt from last Tuesday showing that I bought a class that started at 2pm on Sunday 8/21. He said it must have been canceled. Well they should have called Dylan's cell, but didn't (turns out they called the house, where we don't check messages very well... we will work on that!) The class apparently got moved to start two weeks later. That was longer than we wanted to wait (the class we were supposed to start was already later than we wanted to start class, but we want this specific trainer), so we are doing Saturdays at 11am. Not ideal since we are usually busy on Saturdays, but we will make it work.
He insists on crawling all the time, it's adorable!

We are working on training him on our own. He is getting much better about sit and will lay down when you have a treat. Potty training is still in process but going really well. We still have to direct him outside, but as long as we do, he goes outside.

Him and Freya are still doing really well together. The vet said he expects Freya to always be the Alpha, since that is usually the case for the female, especially if she is older, to be the alpha. 
Can you tell he wears her out?
Snuggle time!
Playing in the yard

He just loves food. It cracks me up. 
Oh food!

Waiting patiently...

Screw that, give me food NOW!

Num num num (he seriously eats like Marley from Marley and Me)

He is just super cute.
Saying hi from the back of the car

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