Tuesday, August 2, 2011

First Month as Husband and Wife

Today is our one month anniversary!

It has definitely been quite a month too, with a lot going on. Not that we really expecting things to slow down completely after the wedding, but it has been busy.

We have gotten to watch a lot of True Blood. We have gone to a couple movies and out to dinner. We have had friends over for dinner. We have been hiking and camping.

We also got a puppy, which means we have both been a little grumpy these last couple days. This morning when I told Dylan it was our one month anniversary, we both recognized that we were exhausted and that it wasn't ideal for a one month celebration, but we still appreciated the milestone for what it was--a positive sign of things to come!

This weekend Dylan mentioned the first month has been mostly highs, but also some "neutrals". We have had to deal with a lot of finance discussions, we have dealt with little sleep, and we are still figuring out how to break out our chores appropriately.

Mostly it has been a lot of fun. We have these adorable moments when it is just the two of us, where we love to call each other "Husband" and "Wife" and be all cute. We have had a lot of "I love you"s and hand holding and ring admiring.

Dylan still fiddles with his ring a lot. I fiddle with mine too to make sure they both line up perfect.

The only thing that felt any different with us was that the first two weeks, whenever anything went wrong, especially little things, Dylan would get even just a tiny upset and I would feel totally blamed and guilty about it. I noticed this and Dylan agreed that he felt I had been over reacting to little things when he wasn't even attempting to blame me. I mentioned it to my dad and he said my mom has a tendency to do the same thing. I think talking about it really helped, because these last two weeks have been much better.

My associate on my job today made a comment -- "It takes team work to make a dream work." Granted she meant it in terms of our work, but it immediately made me think of Dylan and I. We both have a shared dream of what we want for our future and it really will take both of us to make it come true. I strongly believe we are working towards that together and doing a great job. We know life doesn't always deal us the cards we want, but we have done a great job taking things in stride and putting our heads together so that it all works out.

Cheers to one month and all the rest of the months to come :)

(P.S. We got our first look at the wedding pictures from my grandpa! I am SO excited to get them hopefully this Friday and share them with everyone!)

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