Friday, June 24, 2011

Class of 2006

I graduated high school in 2006. Five years ago!

If we were having a five year high school reunion, it'd be sometime around now.

There have been a couple things this week that have brought this to mind.

My best friend is moving and came across her high school yearbooks. She was texting me a couple random phrases from her yearbook. I really think I will need to sit down and do this myself after the wedding!

I ran into a random classmate from high school today. I literally hadn't seen him for 5 years and I almost didn't recognize him. We exchanged life details and talked about who we are still kind of in contact with from high school.

A lot of it is also just the fact that I am getting married and I am very seriously settled down (and I love it!). I know I am generally the odd man out when it comes of being settled for people my age. There are quite a few other people that are married and one got married last weekend I believe (seriously, thank goodness for facebook, I love that I have a vague idea of people's lives). I am very interested to see where everyone is at and cannot wait for my 10 year reunion and actually get to see a lot of people and catch up.

At five years, a lot of people are coming back from school. A lot of people that stayed in town for school are moving away. A fair few are still off doing some sort of adventure across the word. I hope a lot have found jobs, I hope they have found jobs doing something they enjoy. All of it is interesting to see where people ended up.

Not that I miss high school. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed high school, but I have no desire to go back to that and all the drama and the homework.

I am interested to see what the next five years will bring for me and for my Class of 2006 graduates. I foresee me balancing work, being in the process of having Dylan and I's second child, probably looking at a new car for me (NOT a minivan, but my car will be 7 years old by then and it has quite a few miles already), and who knows what else. Generally I hope to be moderately successful at work and to have an amazing and happy family. :)

For now, I am can't wait to relax and enjoy life.

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