Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Off to Hair and Make-Up

Since I really don't have many pics from the rehearsal dinner, I will try to come back to it when I have more pics.

For now, let's move on to getting ready for the wedding!

All of the girls (except one of my BMs, since she is already happily married :) ) stayed in the Holiday Inn with me Friday night. We were all pretty exhausted, but we got some good rest to be able to celebrate on Saturday.

We went out to breakfast at the hotel and the one of my BMs arrived around 11:30 so we could practice our performance a couple last time before we had to do it in front of 175 or so people.

Our hair and make up appointment was at noon. Here are the pictures of us getting our hair and make up done :)

Getting my hari done. This is Casey my stylist

Me being really excited about my hair

Finished product

Getting my make-up done

Goosie's turn. Love the waves/curls :)

Goosie getting make-up. She said it made her eyes tired. I guess we just don't wear make up enough ;)

One of my BMs getting her hair done

All of the girls getting their make-up done.

She has the "There's Something About Mary" hair-do

More make-up

Lots of curls

Getting beautiful

Short and fun!

Flower girl's turn!

Me and the flower girl

We all had a ton of fun getting all dolled up! Then we went to lunch afterwards before we got our dresses on and started the hours of pictures. Definitely a unique experience to have someone do your hair and make-up for you!

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