Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gift Time!

I know I still need to finish posting about the wedding, but our gifts have been so much fun!

Really, the have taken over our lives since we got back. We opened them all on Sunday after the wedding. So then we had to carry them all out here and really open them all. We had a couple things to take back, which we did tonight. Most of the time we have been home has been running around getting presents from people. Our dining room is a disaster area of boxes and wrapping.

But we have so much cool stuff!

Our Chrystal Vases

Beautifal decorative plate

Our drinking glasses

We got our margarita glasses, middle shelf to the right. This is the rest of our alcohol glasses. We have a lot :)

Our new dishes!

Our new dishes in the cupboard

Beautiful decorative bowl

Coffee machine and espresso maker

A decorative piece we registered for that holds candles. We don't know where we want to put it yet, but it is so pretty!

And now on to the things we bought today with our gift cards (plus a 20% off the ENTIRE purchase for moving into a new house :) )

Our fancy new pots and pans! We are so excited about them. We decided to "down grade" from the top of the line ones, but these are really close and 1/10th of the price.
The bottom of the pans (don't worry, there is no copper that touches the surface of the glass stove top!).

We also bought some containers to organize the pantry some more

We also bought mesh steel colanders to match the rest of the kitchen.

There are a lot of other things too but those are some of the bigger items.

Thank you so much to everyone for all of your love and support!

Too much fun! I love stuff :) Our list of things to buy is still pretty big, but we are getting there!

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