Monday, July 11, 2011

Adventures in Omaha

One of the requirements for the wedding party was to go to the Henry Doorly Zoo on Friday before the wedding.

The girls all got the memo, but apparently Dylan isn't as much of an enforcer as I am. Only two of the groomsmen made it to the Zoo.

 We met up with my sister, parents and aunt, cousin and second cousin (or whatever it is called for my cousin's daughter).

Goosie and I had a lot of fun taking pictures.
 The zoo is SO cool! Even though it was really hot we had a great time seeing all of the animals. Dylan and I had to leave a little early, but even then we saw most of the zoo.
 Dylan being a penguin (he humors me and takes pictures in the ridiculous poses that I ask him to do. He really does love me :) ).
 Dylan and Tyler messing around at the zoo.
 Goose and I taking more pictures. They had this really cool garden thing with a lot of statues for Goose and I to pose on.
 My cousin and her daughter took a ride on the little elephant too.
 The main purpose of the zoo trip was to give the groomsmen and bridesmaids a chance to get to know each other some more. They definitely took advantage of that.
 While I was distracted by the garden, we totally missed the cheetahs! So I went back and got some cool pictures of the cheetah cubs.
 Dylan being a bear :)
 They have a whole farm set up (it is Nebraska...) and one of my girls milked the fake cow. I always knew she was a little too much on the country side. :)
 They also have this huge cat exhibit. I got a sweet picture of my favorite animal, the tiger :)
We all had so much fun! After Dylan and I left to go meet my great grandma for lunch, everyone else stayed to see the jungle. I had been there before and it is so cool, so I am glad everyone else got to see it. Maybe next time.

Overall it was a success and everyone got to know each other better and had a chance to see one of the largest zoos in the world. If you ever have a chance to go, be sure to take it!

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