Saturday, June 11, 2011

Las Vegas Baby!

 Two weeks ago I was in Las Vegas for work and now Dylan is out there for his bachelor party.

I had so much fun! I went out there last year for work, and that was my first time. This time wasn't was much of the "Ooo and ahh" that I had done before, but still a great time.

We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel. It's a little off the strip, but the pool was awesome.

Here are some pics of my room:
It was huge! I thought the carpet and the wallpaper was pretty cool.

Here's the pool. It had sand and cabanas and it was so awesome! :

Some things we didn't go see last year were the Bellagio, the inside that is. It was amazing!

Glass works

Replica of the Liberty Bell with more dancing fountains
 We also went to Ceaser's Palace, which we also didn't go to last year. :

Overall it was a great time! We didn't go see any shows this time since we really were there for work and since we saw two last year and nothing jumped out at us that much.

When we were hanging by the pool it made me really want to go with my girlfriends and to also go with Dylan some time. It is just such a fun place and I don't even gamble! Well we obviously aren't going there for my bachelorette party, but maybe when the next one of us gets married :)

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