Sunday, June 5, 2011

First Breaking Dawn Trailer!


This looks amazing! Hopefully your internet is not super slow like mine is at the hotel in Sacramento right now and you can watch all 1:58 of it at once instead of over the course of 7 minutes...

Why I am stoked?

1) Weddingness! I think I just got a million more times excited for my wedding and to see Dylan standing at the alter waiting for me :) Also, I cannot wait to be all super pretty. Unfortunately I think it also made me REALLY want a honeymoon for a week full of alone time on a deserted island just the two of us... may need to work on that

2) OME with Edward and Bella on the bed... mmm mmm MMM... words cannot and should not be used to describe my inappropriate excitement over this scene.

Other things of note from the trailer:
-Jacob sucks. No really. Just get over it dude! Instead you have to go abandon everyone and everything because Bella is getting married. Boo hoo.
-Bella's mom, Renee, looks a lot like Bella. Obviously that would be the case, but the actresses actually look a lot a like. I am impressed (and I realize it is the same actresses, it just really stood out to me this trailer)
-Also makes me really excited for part two because that is my favorite part with all the other vampires. We will get a little of that with the wedding, but it will be even cooler for part two.
-I love how the teaser is setting up the pregnancy!


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