Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wedding Work

I really have been cranking out this wedding stuff. I know it seems like I am a procrastinator, but that is because I am.

I think it would have helped if I didn't travel for three weeks for work, but a lot of that is probably mostly an excuse.

In this last week that I have been home I finished the bouquets, got our timeline for the wedding all detailed out, talked with our photographer, paid for our alcohol, gotten more of the BM gifts, practiced the ceremony, finalized our vows, picked out a lot of music, designed and printed the programs, picked out the reading for the wedding, learned a dance, bought a cake topper, dealing with RSVPs and I am sure quite a few other things as well.

Phew! Every night I go somewhere to do some wedding related thing. So then all of the things I need to be at home for keep me up until midnight. Now I am at the not sleeping well stage, I think just because of all of the stuff going on with the wedding and work. I really have been getting some down time too. I have gotten ice cream with my girls and then my family these last two nights. I went for a nice walk with Dylan and Freya tonight and now I watching the Ultimate Edition of The Prisoner of Azkaban while I blog.

I just want the wedding to be here! I cannot wait to celebrate. I am excited to:
-Go to the zoo with everyone on Friday.
-Eat my breakfast food at the rehearsal dinner
-Have a sleep over with the girls on Friday night and have silly girly chats
-Have a lot of pictures taken of me and all of my favorite people
-Show all of my friends and family Dylan's parents house, because it is amazing and one of my favorite places ever
-Say our wedding vows that we stole from the internets and to say "I Do" during the ring exchange.
-Eat the cupcakes
-Do our wedding party entrance song
-Really all of the dances--first dance, father/daughter dance, special dance
-Speaking of dads, I am excited for my dad to give me away. I really wonder how much he will cry, or how much Dylan will cry. Dylan really thinks he will, ha ha. I don't think I will at all. I think I'll be too caught up and happy.
-To open presents, because let's be honest, I'm all about presents! (terrible but true...)
-To be a wife. My current nick name from Dylan is "My wife-to-be"

My ultimate goal is to relax and enjoy the whole weekend of the wedding. Dylan keeps me pretty relaxed so that should help. Just need to go with the flow. Our philosophy is that as long as there is food an alcohol, we should be fine. :)

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  1. I think, therefore IB, therefore I procrastinate...And I am totally going to cry. Since you told me about your vows, everytime I replay what you said in my head, I tear up. And now I know why my dress has pockets. For tissues.

    Everyone is here to help whatever you need and I think the last couple weeks we've all been caught up in what needs to be done and when (you more, I know) but as it gets closer, I'm so much more excited for all the little things - like sleep-overs and cupcakes :) As the to-do list gets shorter and shorter I wonder what we were ever so stressed out about because it's really going to just turn out perfect for you - not just the wedding, but also the marriage.


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