Monday, May 30, 2011

Wedding Progress

I think I have been behind on updating everyone on my progress on the wedding.

One month from this Thursday until the wedding day!

Big things I have gotten done these last couple weeks:
-Ordered floating candles for the centerpieces
-Ordered part of the girls bridesmaids gifts
-Dylan got fitted for his tux, finally.
-Bought my shoes
-I got my dress alteration started for altering the hem and getting the bustle. I will pick my dress up in a week and a half.
-I have done the initial follow up on my portion of RSVPs
-I will finish thank you cards from the bridal showers tonight and they will go out tomorrow.

Big and small things left to do:
-Order vase gems for the centerpieces
-Order the rest of the items for the bridesmaids gifts
-Design the programs, get them printed and fold them
-Call the caterer to confirm a couple items
-Call the reception hall to change some things and to make my last payment
-Finish getting RSVPs in (hounding people for them that is)
-Finish my bouquets and finish the girls bouquets (we are really close on the girls and really far away on mine)
-Do the boutineers for the guys
-Assign tasks for the day of the wedding and share the timeline with everyone

So now I just need time to get all of the things on my list done! I am out of town 14 days in June. Not awesome. And I just got transferred onto another client right before the wedding, not awesome (actually I think it will work out just fine being on the client, but not ideal to happen right before the wedding).

I also have my bachelorette party one of the few days I am home. I will manage some how to get everything done, I just may need a bit of help for it to work out :)

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