Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Camping Season!

This morning it was nice out, but with a little chill in the air and it reminded me of camping in the mountains in the summer. Then I realized it is almost that time of year again!

Camping up in Olympic National Peninsula Aug 2009
We need a new air mattress for camping, but other than that we already have a hefty stash of camping stuff. My love of camping stuff is second only to my love of kitchen stuff :) We will have to get a lot of trips in in July after the wedding and before puppy #2 since we have to wait until he gets all of his shots to camp with him. I would love to go before the wedding too, but I think with my traveling for work and needing to get ready for the wedding, I won't have time.

At the end of July, we already are planning on going to Lake McConoughy with my family. I cannot wait! It is like going to the beach for a couple days because the water is so warm and we just hang out.

The best part is that this year Dylan can actually go for more than 20 hours since he doesn't work on the weekends anymore. So we can stay for two nights and actually have time for some long hikes. Freya will appreciate that for sure.

I cannot wait for the nights to be less cold so we can start camping!

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