Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mmmmm... Vampires

I just finished reading The Twilight Saga: Official Illustrated Guide yesterday on the plane home from Omaha.

I have been obsessed with the Twilight Saga ever since seeing the first movie. I have read the books at least 3 times each and seen the movies a lot.

So when an encyclopedia came out that provides more detail and more backstory, I bought it it first week it came out.

Things I loved about it:
-All of the detail for the characters in the books. A lot of the minor characters have quite a bit of backstory behind them. I loved hearing more about Alice's past and the motives behind why a lot of characters were created. Anyone who had a supernatural gift (besides being a vampire already) had a reason for why they had their extra gift based on their skills and personality as a human.
-I loved the information about vampires in general and the history of vampires in the Twilight world, especially about the the wars between the Romanian coven and the Volturi.
-The beginning was an interview between Stephenie Meyer and another author and it talked a lot about how the books came about and specific characters were developed. (There were also little snipets about the development of the characters throughout. ) It also talked about the inspiration from books and her life for the stories.

Things I was less interested in but were still really cool:
-The book provides detail for all of the cars/vehicles everyone owns. It was actually a pretty fascinating how she picked the cars to relay specific personalities of the characters.
-The werewolves in general. No extra special powers and most of them have relatively similar history being from the same area and all. (I had totally forgotten that Embry was a shape-shifter and didn't know who his dad was, which means Sam, Jacob or Quil's father slept with Embry's mom and there is scandal in the tribe, but most people tried to ignore that fact). Also you learn more about Leah and her transformation.

Super fascinating book! It is probably the heaviest non-textbook ever though. The pages are so thick and heavy. Let me know if anyone wants to borrow it! I highly recommend at least sifting through it if you are a Twilight fan :)

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