Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tour Part 2: Upstairs

For this part of the tour I will take you to the upstairs. I will show you the master bedroom, master bathroom, the kid's bathroom and the two kids bedrooms.

We'll start with the master bedroom. Here are the closets. Each closet has a full length side and the other half has two racks (a top and bottom). Since the middle shelves were clearly meant for an old school tv, we are thinking about making it a cabinet for jeans and hoodies, etc.  
This is taken from standing in the doorway. Not a huge bedroom, but I think we will put the king size bed under the window and have room for nightstands on either side and then two dressers on the wall to the left that the photographer is standing right next to. Then the tv will go on there. Also, there is a skylight in this room and the master bathroom. I love the extra light most of the time, but I don't think I would in the morning, so we'll see about that.
Master bathroom. Definitely on the small side and no five-piece bath, but we love everything else, so ah well. Plus it does have a jacuzzi tub! Makes up for it :) Also, the shower has a built in shelf, which is something I have always wanted.

So this is the sink. Two medicine cabinets. Again, I love organization, and I hate having things on the counter, so works out perfect. It's hard to tell from this picture, but in the left mirror you can see a cabinet and counter behind, it's about an 8 inch counter with more cabinets and a mirror on the other side too. Definitely enough room for both of us to get ready!

This will be the kids' bathroom. We love the little fishy tiles! Again, a lot of cabinet space too.

The rest of the kids' bathroom. We put an ocean/fishy shower curtain on our registry for this room. I think we will repaint it though, a little too blue.

This is the cabinet in the hallway. Perfect for storing games or to use as our linen closet.

This is the bedroom on the bottom left side from the drawing I did of the house. Very bright colors for now, but I think we will leave it since we probably won't use this room for a while. Unless we make this the guest bedroom until we have kids. Also, you can tell the door is split, so the top can open separately. Too much fun for kids to play with!

This is the back wall of the other kid's bedroom. Awesome shelves and a built in toy box! The kids rooms are pretty long, so even though we probably wouldn't put the bed against the back wall because of the storage, we have plenty of length to put in on a side.  
View of the bedroom from inside the room. Again, more shelves. We won't paint this room right now either. I think this would start out as the nursery and the kids would move to the other room as they get older.

So that's the upstairs! Pretty typical sleeping space and bathrooms. Last set will be the back yard, basement and garage.

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