Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pre-Decorating Mania

So even though we are still pending the structural engineer inspection, which will take place Monday at 4:30, I am obviously still obsessed with thinking and planning out our house.

(Note about structural engineer situation: best case scenario, everything is fine. worst case is there is several thousand dollars of repairs and the seller doesn't want to pay, so we would either have to take care of it ourselves (which we would really not have a choice because I wouldn't live in the house if there were issues) or we terminate the contract. So we just have to wait to see how it goes with the inspection and then what the seller's response is)

So Friday, before our initial inspection, Dylan and I bummed around American Furniture Warehouse. I made the suggestion earlier in the day and Dylan was really excited. I was not expecting him to be excited because when we were buying furniture for our current place, it was like pulling teeth to get him to go with me. I do not expect his excitement of furniture looking to last too long, so I'll need to take advantage when I can.

We had a couple of things we wanted to look at to get ideas of what we liked and what we thought would work. First thing we looked at was bedroom sets. At this point we had not measured the master bedroom, so we really didn't have too great of an idea of what all we could fit. We definitely will be getting a king size bed, so that was already decided. Dylan especially cares about getting a hardwood that won't scratch up too easily and will last a long time. Since our bedroom is on the small side, we did decide we would try to get a bed with the built in drawers underneath. This will also solve the issue of the new puppy (whenever we get him) destroying the underneath like Freya did to our current box frame. Not too much progress there, but some.

We also looked at dining room sets. We currently have an antique set from Dylan's grandparents. It works totally fine, but not really my style and it really needs to be refinished and fixed up a little bit. I have always liked the tall, square tables. Dylan was a little skeptical at first, but we found a set we really like.
It's not the exact one we found, but it's pretty close. Comfy chairs. I just like the height and squareness because I feel like it it perfect for playing games and conversations because everyone is an equal distance apart. As I said though, we have a table, so this is low on our list of priorities.

We also looked at patio furniture. Our current set is a two chairs, a love seat and a coffee table since we don't have a bit deck at our current place. So ideally we will move our current set down to the patio (the door by the family room). So we looked at more dining table sets. This is kind of like what we both liked best:

The one we liked best is rounded, but we prefer the stone for the top as opposed to glass (it gets too dirty
looking) and definitely not the one with the holes in it (too hard to play cards on).

We briefly looked at office furniture since we got my current desk for free and it doesn't have much too it. This is definitely not a priority though, but we have a lot of options since that room probably will only be an office for a long time!

We didn't look at too much else at the time. We are especially struggling with our formal/entrance room and what to do with that. For now it will contain our green couch (which we will get a slip cover for) and potentially the buffet if we don't use it for the TV. Long term I am thinking a chaise lounge in there in the corner by the windows and a mini book shelf. But there is still a lot of space in there.

We also did not look at rugs, which we will definitely need to get one for the family room and for the formal room. We will eventually get a new couch for the family room, but we'll just get a less expensive rug that matches our current furniture for now.

There are definitely some ideas floating around. Can't wait to see what we decide :)

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