Sunday, March 27, 2011

Boxes and Paper

I have been sifting through ideas for the remaining wedding things I need to complete.

So my ideas for the guest book:

The thought is that people will sign their names and give well wishes at the same time and then we can put the into the scrapbook I will be making for the wedding.

Along the same lines here is our idea for the card box:

We will probably build one ourselves by taking four frames and hinging them together, then adding a top and bottom. We will also put it on a swivel so it can rotate around and you can see all of the pictures. We might use pictures from our engagement photo shoot or a mix. Then we can keep it as a box or open it out and have the picture frames.

Also this weekend, we found my wedding band, so we will get that next weekend. I'll put a picture up with Dylan's when we get mine :)

Other upcoming to-dos:
-Finish invites, which are going pretty well. Steps to complete: Finish gluing the invite on, amend the lack of titles, put the other info stuff in the pocket, cut ribbon to wrap around, print squares to cover the ribbon on the front, glue ribbon and square on. Also, envelopes and postage for the postcard and the the invites. So still a lot of little steps, but I feel confident it will be done by April 18th when we want them to go out!
-Find shoes for my dress so that I can get my alteration
-We are going shopping for the flower girl dresser this next Sunday
-Thanking my girls for working through flowers so well :)

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