Saturday, November 8, 2014

Pregnancy 2.0: 20 Weeks

Quite a week! Considering I feel I have not had too much to say the last couple weeks, this week has a lot going on in life and in my head.

The week started on Halloween, which considering I don't really like Halloween was really fun! I had found the idea to do my belly as Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc, so I knew I wanted Vander to match me. It turned out great!

Halloween did not help with my rapidly developing sweet tooth I have had this pregnancy! I brought our candy in to work and that means I have a couple pieces right after lunch every day and maybe another mid afternoon. We also had donuts last weekend and I had to try out the cake for our gender reveal. Love me some sugar!

Not only have I had a sweet tooth, but my actual appetite picked up a lot this week, and it wasn't especially light to begin with. Although I am apparently not the only one since several moms posted about it on the What to Expect app message boards for March 2015 babies this week. We still have a lot of baby to grow!

The baby kicks have picked up a lot this week! Our ultrasound tech said she could feel them, so that makes things more fun!

I also had my twenty week doctor appointment, which includes the anatomy scan. We prepared a card and envelope for the tech to indicate the gender and then she sealed it up for us. Ugh it was so hard to not find out! We were even looking at the screen when she swiped over the area, but we both totally missed it. Everything looked absolutely great! The baby was measuring almost a week ahead, which is about right since our due date in my head is mid March, not March 20.

The heart rate was 157 and the little one kept moving around. The tech kept laughing since the baby kept moving just a little bit right when she needed to get a picture. We got a little bit of 3D scan done to try to see the face, but the arm was kind of blocking the view. Since babies don't have as much fat at this point they look more alien like still.

My little visit with the doctor went well too. She said that I am really good at being pregnant. I said I hope that keeps up! I mentioned I keep getting one or two itchy spots at a time but they only last for about a day and then a day later another one shows up. She said it wasn't anything to worry about, but let her know if anything changes. So later I googled pregnancy rashes and there are some terrifying looking ones!

Speaking of doing pregnancy well, that is especially good since I am still really planning on being pregnant again. I am definitely not thinking of this pregnancy as my last, and I want to make sure I get closure on my child bearing years whenever that happens!

I can't wait to post again soon to share the gender with you all, plus a post just on the party itself!


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