Sunday, November 9, 2014

Baby Otley #2 Gender Is...

A Boy! We are TEAM BLUE again!

We are super excited! I certainly can't complain about a future with two little mamma's boys! And Vander will love having a brother.

While we know having another boy puts the pressure on Dylan for the next baby and I am sad I don't get to go shopping for all sorts of girly stuff, there are so many great things we are so excited about having another boy!

We haven't done a full analysis or consideration of what all we may need to buy for a new baby, but for the most part we should have everything and just need some furniture and decorations for the new baby room. So that will save us a significant amount of money, not buying new things and not really needing to buy new clothes.
Potty shot! The baby is on the right side with legs open to the left and you can see in between the legs...

I have been thinking the last couple weeks that life would be so adorable with a mini Vander. Even in the likely scenario that little brother looks nothing like Vander, he will still be a little Vander shadow for a good couple years.

I was telling Dylan that I am so screwed, since I can absolutely picture Vander and his brother causing all sorts of trouble telling me it was because they love me and they will totally melt my heart. They will be making mud pies in the living room and saying "But mommy, we wade them for YOU!" Just thinking of their adorableness brings happy tears to my eyes.
The box is checked "Boy"!

It makes it feel so much more real now that we know what we are having! I am starting to really think about how Vander will be as a big brother. It is hard to tell since he grows and develops so much each month in terms of his communication skills and what he understands from us. We have been telling him more about the fact we are having a baby and he will have a sibling, but he doesn't get it yet. Only about four more months!

On to the next steps of gathering name ideas and planning the nursery!

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