Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Week 37: Let the Impatience Begin!

Another week down! The countdown is seriously on these days.

We had our 36 week appointment last week. My stats: The important ones are that we are 75% effaced and almost two centimeters dilated as of last Thursday! It means we are at least making progress! It doesn't technically mean much otherwise, since I could have this little man any time between now and still 5 weeks from now (42 weeks). Other stats are that I am up another 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks. Sad, but not too surprising since I was especially hungry during the last two weeks. I learned that women who are having boys tend to eat more, something related to the fact that teenage boys never stop eating when they are growing. Everything is looking good for me and the little one!
From last Thursday. This is one of my new shirts I had to buy to cover my giant belly
Now for the delightful pregnancy symptoms of the last weeks of pregnancy.

Well the poor sleeping has definitely kicked in. I used to just wake up a lot to pee or roll over but I was still sleeping well in between. Now I can't get comfortable and am not sleeping well due to going through lists of stuff in my head in my dreams.

My hips have not been having a fun time either. Partly I think they are starting to separate out some, and partly now that the baby has his head all up on my nerves in my pelvis, I get shots of pain up and down my nerves on the inside and outsides of my legs. They definitely happen more and more often, so that sucks.
The lovey my mom and I picked out for the little man :)
I am still kind of winning the belly button battle. It is insanely flat, and sometimes the top kind of pokes out a little bit, but it is definitely not a full outtie.

Overall we are pretty well prepared for the baby's arrival. We got the rest of the things we especially needed or wanted off of our registry. Our car seat will arrive on Friday, so at long as he keeps cooking for a little bit longer we will be just fine. The only two things not ready in the nursery are the curtains and the glider. I made a legit attempt at the curtains last week and Dylan mentioned I has not having any luck to his mom, and she will make them when she comes to stay with us. The glider had one piece that had a crack in it and we contacted the company to get a new piece sent, gave them all the information and it has been maybe three weeks now and still no new piece, but I guess Dylan said they got back to him today and it should be here in 10 days.
His crib is ready for him to arrive!
I have the stuff to pack the hospital bag, but still need to throw that together. Getting the stuff for baby is all fine and good, but the stuff for me mostly makes me super not excited about the postpartum recovery. I guess that is why I have a cute baby to distract me.
From Tuesday of week 37
I mostly feel entirely indecisive. I can't decide if I want to just lay on the couch and do nothing or if I want to clean and organize something. I figure that means I am moving closer to labor, but not quite there yet, since I am not full on nesting. Saturday I was up until 1am putting together an Expedit shelf and organizing stuff.

I cannot believe how absolutely giant I feel. And my belly just continues to grow. The body never ceases to amaze. Now my body just needs to safely bring this baby boy into the world, potentially sooner rather than later.

Wish me luck in the days and weeks to come! Hopefully we have more good days than bad :)

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