Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Week 29: Movin' and Shakin'

Both baby and I have been moving and shaking it up this week!

I felt the first movement that actually kept me from going to sleep. I was lying in bed trying to go to sleep and he just started moving along my right side, up and down. I swear he was trying to tickle me! Just like his dad...

I also had the first movement I have really seen from the outside. I think I could have before, but was still so intent on feeling it. I was sitting at my computer at work Tuesday and my belly made a significant movement out and indent. It was thoroughly entertaining to watch. Definitely a lot of moving going on! More and more every day.
 I feel like I have been on the move a lot too! Dylan did his “babymoon” with one of his guy friends this weekend, and I tagged along quite a bit. Even when I wasn’t with them I went to a baby shower, a 50th birthday party, a 25th birthday party and spent some time with my mom looking at baby stuff. We were mostly looking at cribs, which we ordered last night! We also looked at baby clothes since my mom is understandably addicted, so the little man got some new things courtesy of grandma (or whatever she ends up being called). I went bowling on Friday and did really well! My average score is in the 50-60 range, including a 32 one time, which I was legitimately trying. With that in mind, I actually won the first game with a 94 and then scored 102 the second game!
Photographic proof!

We had our third child birthing class this week. We walked through inductions, pitocin and epidurals, then talked more about pushing. We are definitely planning on an epidural and really hoping to not have to be induced at any point (which mainly means I would be having a healthy pregnancy and not go too far past my due date, which were the goals anyways). We will talk about C-sections and baby care for our final class on Monday. After that we went on our hospital tour. The main things I wanted to get out of the class were to learn when I need to go to the hospital (which we learned the first class: contractions 5 minutes apart, lasting for one minute, for an hour -- 5-1-1) and to actually see the hospital so we know where we are going to be. It was amazing how much it helped to visualize and actually see where we will to bring our little man into the world. Our class ran into one of the anesthesiologists (totally spelled that right on the first try!) and that was perfect to get to ask more questions about the epidural. I really am not that nervous about it, but it was helpful to hear about it from one of the people who will actually administer it.
More Sunday

Everyone in class was definitely larger this week, myself included! I got a couple comments at work and I definitely feel like I grew. I am running into things more again and have no concept of how big I am. I knew it was coming since the night before I had felt a lot of stretching going on in there. 
Monday - Giant Belly!
My overall feelings right now are a mix of contentedness and impatience. I am still loving being pregnant. Although the heartburn has been getting worse, as spelled out in my weekly progress int he What to Expect app for week 30, this is due to the opening from the esophagus to the stomach being more relaxed (thanks hormones…) and allowing more stomach acid to come up, let alone the fact that the baby is running out of room in there. I love the attention from being pregnant. I love having my son with me and growing inside. I love looking at baby stuff. But I am also getting impatient. I feel like another two and a half months is forever long for him to get here. I have been getting really excited about breastfeeding and developing a bond with him. I cannot wait to see what he looks like. I am getting impatient to start the next phase of my life and to witness everything turn upside down. I just want to be done anticipating and have it actually start.
More Monday
I am also impatient for our house to be more ready. We haven’t really made any progress on the nursery. Dylan still needs to buy and put in (with the help of my uncle) a new water heater. Dylan also still needs to fix our master shower (which has been broken since before we got pregnant, so keep in mind that I am going to grow and entire person in the amount of time it will take him to fix on plastic piece on the shower…). Yes I know I have put these things on Dylan’s plate, but he accepted them and agreed to them. I informed him I want the house ready by May 5th, which includes all those things (plus whatever extra cleaning and organizing, etc. I deem necessary for myself to do).

Another good week! Only 11 to go!

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