Wednesday, March 20, 2013

If I Had the Time...

I really wanted to share some of the amazing finds I have found on Pinterest the last couple weeks! If only I had more time and a budget to work on our house as a whole, but for now the nursery is plenty :)

These are all projects that have made it onto my/our list to do to our house within the next couple years.

I think this is a brilliant upgrade for the entryway closet from the basic single shelf and rod:
Today on iHeart Organizing, a similar closet make over was shown, which I also love:
We will definitely do something to make our entry closet more functional for us and the eventual little person(people) that will be living here. I do like the idea of using this closet for dog food storage since we feed the dogs in the living room instead of the kitchen where it is kept now. That would also open up more space in the pantry... So many ideas!

Another area that definitely needs more function is our master bathroom. We have a little water closet that could really use some storage and decor and I love this:
I love that it is simple, keeps things out of the way but adds some color and function to the little room.

Also for the master bathroom:
As a mom-to-be, it will be awesome to have a place to retreat to when the time allows and I think the curtains are perfect to make it feel more luxurious.

If some of you still haven't made your way over to Pinterest, I HIGHLY recommend it. I swear I get all my good ideas from there. It is the best use to waste time because you feel more productive just for thinking of all the interesting things that are out there.

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