Wednesday, September 12, 2012

End of the Summer

Summer is rapidly drawing to a close. And it sucks.

I am such a sun girl and a heat girl and a dress girl. I am not ready for snow and cold and pants. Mostly the pants.

I did cave and pull out my Fall decorations, in hopes that it would start getting me prepared for the new season.
I think I am struggling since I feel like it is going to be a rough Winter. The more this whole climate change thing happens the more extreme we are. Since we had record heat and drought this Summer, chances are we are in for record colds and snow this Winter.
So I have decided I need to go shopping so that I can continue to avoid wearing pants to work. I have worn a dress or skirt at work every single day for the last five months or so.
My plan is to get some accessories to "winterize"my current dresses. I do not own a single pair of tights, so that will be the first step so I don't necessarily have to wear boots and leggings. I also want to get some warmer sweaters to go with my dresses. I have a couple summer cardigans that I have used in the past, but I think I will need something warmer since our office is freezing.
I am also hoping to accumulate a couple more dresses too. I plan to start from the bottom up, looking at TJ Maxx, then move up to Dress Barn, then Macy's and maybe even Dillard's and Nordstrom. My clothes budget is never as big as I want (maybe because I keep doing stuff on my house...) so we will see what I end up with whenever I finally go shopping.
The couple things I am looking forward to are cooking and baking more and lots of cuddle time with the puppies and the husband.

We'll see how I do with the change of seasons. The high was only 60 today :( but I have a couple 80 degree days left this weekend. Wish me luck with my shopping and surviving the Winter!

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