Monday, November 14, 2011

Hey Look--People actually live here!

While we are still in the process of arranging the house, I don't want to show you our in-between phases (aka piles of stuff in different rooms of the house), but I will show you some other little additions I have made.

When we put up our dining room pictures a couple weeks ago, I also pulled out a couple of the frames I had sitting in a box that were waiting to go somewhere in the house.

I had received a beautiful frame from one of my cousins at my bridal shower back in April, and I finally put some wedding pictures in it. It is hung in our bathroom, since I spend a lot of time in there getting ready, taking a bath, etc. and I figure in the long run, it makes the most sense since other pictures will go in the rest of the house.

I absolutely love it.

I also found a small framed quote thing my mom gave me from my birthday this year that I love. We had a random nail still in the wall in the corner of our bedroom, so I hung it on there.

Now I think of my mom in the morning when I pick out my jewelry (unless I am still half-asleep...)

Here is a frame of Dylan and I and two of my cousins from four Thanksgivings ago (this will be our 5th one together!)

Then I added a couple frames the the piano.

I got this for Christmas and finally put a picture in it. I had to get one with both puppies!

This is a frame I got for my birthday. Love this picture of Dylan and I from the Black Canyon.

This is a frame I have had for a while, but I realized I didn't print a picture small enough to go in the little frame... so it will be in hiding for a bit longer.

So it finally looks like some actually lives in our house now, someone with friends and family. It's a small start, but a work in progress.

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