Friday, August 12, 2011

Handy Husband

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, we planned to put up a lattice around the deck.

This was because the puppies we both using this as a litterbox essentially and it was terrible to crawl under there to clean it up. Plus the deck would look a lot nicer with a lattice.

I wanted to share the process and final results of our project!

We measured the space under the deck and we needed the following: 11'x3' piece, 11'x'3 (sloping down to 18" at one end) piece, and then 7'x1' piece.

We took our Home Depot gift card we got as a wedding gift and decided to put it towards the lattice.

After getting directions from the awesome employees at Home Depot (I really feel like they are the most helpful customer service people I have ever met, thanks Home Depot!) we headed out to the garden center.

There we found the option to do wood or plastic, and we choose the plastic kind. We went with the redwood color to match the deck. They come in 8'x4' pieces, so we grabbed three. We also bought the colored screws to match it since they were conveniently located right next to it and some twisty ties to help keep some of the pieces together since we would be cutting them (in case you didn't notice, we needed 11' but the pieces come 8' long, so we would need to do a little manipulating). Each piece is about $25 each, which was a little higher than I was expecting, but as you will see, it turned out really nice!

After borrowing a saw from my parents, Dylan set to work measuring and cutting the pieces. We realized we would need to get some cinder blocks to block a spot underneath where the house hangs over since we couldn't really attach the lattice to the house. We decided we wouldn't finish the project until the next weekend when we had time to go back to Home Depot.

So back to Home Depot the next weekend and we bought 3 cinder blocks and couple small bricks to block up the hole.

Then Dylan just had to screw everything on. On one side, we could screw in from the outside, but for two other sides we needed to screw it in from underneath the deck. Dylan didn't mind crawling under there too much except when we were doing the small side and he lightly mentioned he is slightly claustrophobic. I responded with a "wide, open spaces". Super helpful :)

We got it all done and it looks great!

The puppies are not super thrilled, but I think we will try to figure another shade area for them, like a dog house and/or maybe a puppy pool for Ares to cool down in.

I am glad I have a handy husband to help make my projects come to life!

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