Monday, April 25, 2011


I just got an email last night that the new puppies from our breeder will be born June 11th! That means the will be ready to get picked up at the beginning of August :) EEEE!!

The mom is Freya's mom, Sophi:

Picute of Sophi from Norske Farms website
So it will be the same mom. I am asking who the dad is.

I asked Dylan last night if we could put a deposit down yet and he said he wanted to wait to talk about it when I get back in town. We are having my cousin and his girlfriend move in with us, so we want to at least give them a heads up that we will be getting a puppy.

I am so excited but also glad that is it 4 months away. That means we'll have a couple weekends to go camping and hopefully go to Lake Mac right before the puppy is ready!

We will be getting a male this time and I think we will name him Odin. Another norse god, the father of Thor. He is known for his wisdom (he traded his eye for wisdom so the stories go). I love the name Loki, but that is the god of mischief and I don't want to jynx us.

I'll keep everyone updated and after they are born and we start getting pictures I will post them! I think we might even try to visit them when we are here for the wedding (after the wedding of course!) but it is a 3 1/2 hour drive each way from Omaha, so we'll see.

Freya will be super excited!

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