Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Under Contract

We are finally under contract on our house! Oh man was it a long last 4 days though!

So Saturday we went and looked at houses again. We looked at Laredo and Rosewalk again, plus two others. Hands down Laredo was still our favorite. We looked at it first and Dylan took about 70 pics which I will blog over the next couple days (or hours, I am pretty excited!). So we put on offer in after lunch on Saturday. To sum it up, there was us-the buyer, the relocation company-the seller, and the original owners. We made our offer for $8K under the asking price and for the seller to pay for $7K of closing costs. We expected this to be a little low, so it was no surprise to get a counter offer. We ended up at at $4.5K under the asking price and the seller covering $3.5K of the closing costs. So still $8K off the list price :) There were delays as a result of needing the original owners to give their verbal agreement and that the agent was here in CO, the relocation company in OK, and the original owners are now in CA. So it was a bit of effort to shuffle papers around all those areas. But it's done! Definitely one of the more stressful things we have dealt with recently, but Leslie really did feel comfortable with the transaction and the intentions of the other agent, so that helped. Today we signed the counter offer, making it official.

Next steps:
-Meeting with our mortgage broker again tomorrow to sign more stuff and give her more documents.
-Showing my parents and sister the house tomorrow afternoon
-House inspection including radon testing and sewer testing. We have this set up for 9:30am 3/26.
-Figuring out house insurance
-Reviewing title documents
-Getting to closing! We close 4/19 :)

It really cannot come soon enough! Although I really just want to start furnishing and decorating, so it's good we have to wait (money wise...) and then we will wait until after the wedding based on the gifts we receive from that. I mostly cannot wait to move in and have completely our own place!

So a really rough layout of our house (I apologize to my architecture friends out there!)
So the kitchen and formal room are on one level and you walk down a couple stairs to the family room, garage, etc. The stairs on the main level is where the stairs to the upstairs are as well as the stairs to the basement. Seriously terrible proportions, obviously the garage is bigger, but the general idea!

So the next couple blogs will be a tour! I'll try to space them out to draw out the suspense. :)

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