Thursday, March 10, 2011

Some Sisterly Love

One of my favorite things about my sister is that she can always remind me of my childhood, but also makes me love growing up.

Goosie (my sister's nickname, and what I have always called her since her and one of my best friends have the same name) just turned 20 yesterday. I am so excited for her to get older!  We have always been very close as sisters, but as we have grown up, we have gotten even closer. I think there was a definite case of sibling rivalry when we were younger, competing for our parents attention and praise. Once I went to college, it became clear we were different people and the comparisons diminished.

She is one of the few people who I can talk to about absolutely anything. She always has such a unique perspective to bring to the table.  She is always so genuinely excited about everything going on in my life. Unfortunately we don't get a chance to talk on the phone that much since we are both so busy.

One of the things we always do together when we are in town at the same time is go to Black Eyed Pea, our favorite restaurant. We always get the veggie plate with mashed potatoes with bacon and cheese on top. We always laugh about random things until we cry.

Over the last couple of years we have really come to share our taste in music. Every couple of weeks one of us will find and new artist or album that we love. Today she got a Rilo Kelly album that is apparently fantastic, so I will have to steal that from her. She also introduced me to Bon Iver, one of my more recent favorites. We are not very good about physically (or electronically I suppose) sharing our music though. So I have a big list of music I need to give her and a list of music I need to steal from her.

I really cannot wait for her to get older though! (You know me, always anxious for the next step) First, I really want her to be 21 so we can go out together. Second, I want her to have a job so I don't always have to pay ( ;-) ). Third, I want her to have an amazing boyfriend/fiance/husband that will be fun for Dylan and I to hang out with and that we can all do vacations together. That's really my only requirement.

Love my Goose and I am so thankful for such a great sister! I am looking forward to see what life will bring for us next!

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