Monday, March 14, 2011

I Am Old

I have always been older than my age. I don't mean this in an "I'm better and more mature than you" way, just as a statement of fact. I acted older than most kids my age, and my parents, family members and teachers have always said this about me. I preferred to be involved in the adult conversations when I was younger. I liked to do things generally above my age, reading at a higher level, teaching, etc. I always wanted to be more grown up too. I was always excited about the next step in life - middle school, high school, college. In romantic relationships I was aways looking ahead to where we will end up and how to get there (or if I didn't think it was going anywhere, break it off).

In college, I definitely had a fair share of experiences involving drinking and partying and typical college student activities. But I was never that good at staying out late. I seriously would hit midnight or 1am and be ready to go to bed. Now if I am out at a 11 or midnight, I am already mostly asleep. My friends, and myself, all call me lame. I would just much rather go home at a decent hour, get some sleep in my own bed, and be ready for the next day. I still love to hang out and I still definitely enjoy drinking, but I have no desire what so ever to get drunk or even that close to it. (Also the reason why I drink my delicious girly drinks, since I drink for the taste and not for the ability to get drunk)

This is why I am beyond excited to be a homeowner, to have kids and to be married so that I have an even better excuse to stay home and do nothing. Because I am old at heart. Not that I am that boring, because I do like to go out and do things. In fact, I am terrible at just sitting at home. My "do things" would prefer to include shopping, hiking, walking the dog, camping, going to a movie, getting a couple drinks, hanging out and watching movies at someones house, and playing board or card games.

Old at heart and loving every minute of it!

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