Thursday, March 3, 2011

Change in Tastes

I have always been very in to music. I love listening to music, even if I don't especially know a whole lot about the technical/theory side.

My tastes have definitely evolved over the years. Overall, I feel like I have expanded my tastes since high school. In high school I stuck mostly to the rock, alternative, some pop music. I still avoid country at all costs, but I definitely love a great hip hop beat and enjoy some rap music. Most of my hip hop taste was inspired by Dylan, and the rest I think as a factor of being in college and that's the most common music played at parties and bars. And I love to dance to it! (regardless of my lack of true skill). Also during college and since college, I have really delved into the alternative side of rock, the mellow alternative, not the punk alternative, as well as some blues grass/rock music. A lot of this is thanks to my college roommate Amy, and the rest is generally thanks to KBCO, Sirius XM Alternative station, and movie soundtracks.

Artists that I have gotten really into this last year:
-Bon Iver
-The Avett Brothers (I swear the sound like the Counting Crows!)
-Mumford and Sons
-Florence and the Machine
-The Black Keys
-Counting Crows (not a new band, but I wasn't into them until after college)
Artists that I have continued to be especially interested in:
-Snow Patrol
-Brandi Carlile (concert at Red Rocks just announced today!)
-Death Cab for Cutie (New album in May!)
-Jack Johnson

Artists that I have fallen out with, (i.e. I don't like their new music as much):
-Goo Goo Dolls
-All-American Rejects
-Green Day
-Jimmy Eat World
Artists that really need a new album:
-Justin Timberlake
-Jason Mraz
-Rob Pattinson (well nh needs a first album, ha ha)

Artists that I cannot stand:
-No Doubt
-Maroon 5
-Franz Ferdinand
-The Killers (although, they have a song on the New Moon soundtrack that I love, so maybe I will get over this one)

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