Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jazz Time

Last night I went to my first ever jazz show! Dylan and I went with my cousin and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend is a musician and plays the saxophone and has his own jazz trio, so he knows his stuff.

We saw Convergence with Christian McBride. Convergence is a local band and Christian McBride is a national acoustic bass player. He was phenomenal!  So not that I know much about music at all, (and now I actually wish I had the opportunity to take the Music Theory class at CU! ah well) but it was really awesome how the whole band would all play together, then they would rotate soloing. According to Dylan, Christian McBride was classically trained, so he can play with a bow and by finger plucking.

The whole experience was awesome. We went to Dazzle, which has consistently been rated one of the 100 best jazz venues in the world. We had a table pretty close to the stage. The food was delicious, drinks were good, and it was a great time.

I have always loved listening to music. I mostly listen to varieties of rock and pop, but have appreciated classical/instrumental music, especially the music from soundtracks/movies. I have never really had much experience with jazz, so it was interesting to expand my horizons. It was upbeat and entertaining to see how the different instruments sound and the difference the instruments make to the overall music.

I really appreciate the skill that goes into the music. Having only played one semester of I think a half-cello in fifth grade, it definitely takes a lot of practice and time.

I decided a couple of months ago I want to learn to play piano. When I was in Orlando for training for work, there was a pianist in the hotel and he played Hedwig's Theme from Harry Potter and then played Clocks by Coldplay. Not that I ever plan to play professionally, but to be able to play the music that I love would be a whole new experience.

Jazz time is definitely a good time!

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