Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Plan to Blog

I think it only makes sense to have my first blog about blogging!

First off, I would like to thank my friend for her inspiration for blogging!

So before I committed to the blogosphere, I had to do some research. I looked into what to blog about, how to blog, how to write a personal blog, what to name your blog, etc. It all sounded intriguing and not to complicated.

Then I had to really decide what I wanted to blog about. So I did the process of writing down things I am interested in, hobbies I have, things I am good at and what I love to learn about. Theorhetically, the internet said I should only pick one topic, a topic that I feel I could write about for several months or years. I didn't want to feel limited or have to have two or three blogs to keep up on, so it's all in one. All my wedding planning, all my dog training, all my learning new skills (scuba diving and piano playing are the plan for this next year), all my thoughts on books and life, will all be in one place.

My intention is to have this blog as a way for me to talk about the things I get really excited about that no one else really wants to hear a lot about. I really do not want this to be a diary equivalent where I rant and rave about the goings on of my relationships. Not to say that I won't give updates of big events or shared experiences, but I don't want to just complain. Hopefully that works out, for all our sakes.

So the next step of blogging... where to blog? I looked into a couple of sites that I have had friends use. They were relatively comparable. One seemed more complicated than the other, so I picked the easier one :)

I am really excited to blog and excited about blogging. Most of the day I spent looking through all of this and seeing what all is out there. Initially I was trying to get blog name ideas, and stumbled across a couple of really interesting blogs. I would start at one blog, and they would list the blogs they follow, and those would sound interesting too! It's this whole new world that I knew existed but had never experienced.

My expectation is that I will blog at least once a week on average. I will tag/label each of blog by subject, so it will be easier to follow certain threads.

Hopefully my process will inspire others to follow my blog (officially or unofficially) or to even start a blog of their own.

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