Thursday, August 7, 2014

Why We Decided to Get a Housekeeper

Our life is largely dictated by the fact that Dylan and I both work and Vander is now a busy 14 month old. Those three facts combined make a recipe for little time together as a family. And we didn't even have to discuss the decision to put family time as a priority over cleaning the house. Ever since Vander went down to one nap at a year old, trying to clean the house in an hour and a half, especially when you add in summer yard work, is basically impossible.

While I generally consider myself a clean person, I have come to realize that I am more of a clutter free clean person than I germ free clean person. Definitely no germaphobia here. So that means sparkly clean floors or disinfected bathrooms really don't matter that much to me. However, the dust and dirt just kept building and I wasn't making time and energy to do anything about it and it was driving me crazy!

We had considered getting a housekeeper right around Christmas time, since Vander was getting close to crawling and was spending more time on the ever dirty floor. Oalas, the stars did not align and we pushed off the house cleaner search. Once we got to a point where I could not get anywhere close to having the whole house clean at one time, I told Dylan we were finding a house keeper.

Dylan and I both work. While we wish we made more money we determined it was worth the money to have our time back, let alone a sane and happy wife.

After asking around a bit, we had a cleaner come in and give us an estimate. We were delighted it came in lower than we expected, but sad we had to wait another two weeks for the mom and daughter combo to clean our house for the first time,

It has now been one month and two cleanings with our housekeeper and it has been fabulous. Preparing for the first time was definitely a challenge, since clutter had managed to hide in a couple places. Once we were ready for them to come, it already looked better than it had in weeks. And afterwards... My house definitely hasn't been that clean since my nesting phase when I was pregnant with Vander. It actually smelled clean and looked clean. I was so excited! Totally worth the work to get ready and definitely worth the money. The second cleaning allowed them to spend more time on more things rather then amending our months of neglect and the second time we had so much less clutter to clean to prepare for them.

It has been such a relief knowing the house is clean and not having to feel guilt or stress over the bathrooms/floors/etc being dirty. While having someone come to clean the house may not be for everyone, we are so glad we decided to go that route! At least until our kids can start doing chores themselves :)


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