Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Baby Fever

Christmas and the holidays bring on a whole new kind of baby fever.

Dylan is definitely catching it too :)

The week before Christmas I had gone to see my doctor for my annual appointment. I got to go back to my old doctor since I have new insurance. I hadn't seen her in 3 years and I love her so it was so nice to tell her everything I have been up to and to tell her we plan to start trying to conceive this next year. She was so excited. All of my physical and tests went well, so that is always reassuring. She said to give her a call about three months before we start to have her prescribe me some prenatal vitamins.

Christmas for sure, being pretty much all about family, makes us both excited to have our own little one running around (or being held and cuddled, depending on the age). Christmas was awesome this year but I think most of my immediate family is getting excited at the prospect of their being a kid to shop for within the next couple years. My mom said I better have a little girl since they are so much fun to shop for. LOL.

And of course a lot of my extended family asked about it too. When people ask me "How is married life?" I usually respond "The same except that people ask about babies all the time."

By this time next year we will hopefully be pregnant, but that is only about 6 months of trying, and that is about the average time it takes to get pregnant. No guarantees, but you know I'll be trying to coordinate for as soon as possible after July 2nd. That would mean mommy gifts for next year and gifts for baby after that!

Like I said, Dylan is definitely starting to get the fever too. Well maybe not a fever, but getting excited. He is getting good practice for a pregnant wife when I made him go get me the Candy Cane Fat Boys at 9pm like two weeks ago... ha ha. One of my friends has a three year old who came over for our girls Christmas, and Dylan helped to entertain the toddler while we girls hung out. They built forts and played foosball (since the foosball table was on the floor at the time it was a perfect height for the toddler!). Then we babysat for him a couple days later. We saw Happy Feet Two and it was fun to go out and about with a toddler in tow (once we figured out the car seat...).

I kept trying to not really talk about it, but we both kept bringing babies up the week before Christmas. It doesn't help when we both spent a lot of time together and we just tend to talk about whatever is on our minds when we are driving around or walking the dogs. Usually just comments on how we want to raise them, etc.

So it was definitely going around during Christmas time. I think it will settle down at our house for awhile, at least out loud (no keeping that brain of mine in check!).

Hope I'm not the only one that thinks Christmas has its own kind of baby fever!

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