Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Must Have Made the Nice List

I had such a great Christmas!

Christmas Eve went well at my Grandpa's new place. The baked ziti was delicious and the gift exchange was fun. After that I still had a little bit of wrapping to do and we all were finishing up some things so we didn't go to bed until around midnight.

Ares woke us up at like 6:45 since he was awake. He still doesn't like my parents stairs (they are open stairs so he gets freaked out since he can see through them) and even at our house he just wants to see us instead of first going potty outside. I took him outside and then went back upstairs. I really think Freya knows what Christmas is now since she kept trying to wake up my parents by scratching on their door. I went and crawled into Goosie's bed at 7:15 and cuddled with her for a few. Then Goose and I were all awake so we went downstairs. I was hungry so I made tea and ate some mini donuts. The old people were finally showered and came down around 8.
On to stockings. Lots of candy. I got a pair of black gloves that I can wear and use my iPhone (it has little nubs on the index finger and thumb so you can use the iPhone). Some really pretty charms for a necklace. An adorable berry colander. Gift cards.
Dylan's new stocking!
Then we started presents! Everyone was actually pretty even on presents, so that worked out well. Everyone was very pleased with what they got and very excited to use, watch and enjoy it all.

The best and most important gift was from Dylan, aka New Santa. A pair of beautiful diamond earrings! I had mostly jokingly said I wanted something shiny for my birthday but I guess Christmas came early this year (??) and I got something shiny for Christmas. He also got me piano books and a metronome so I can learn piano.
They are absolutely beautiful! They have little diamonds on the sides too!
I also got some shiny stuff from my parents:

I got my Kindle Touch:
And some new movies!
I got some clothes and other stuff too, but those are the big things. Like I said, everyone got a lot a really cool stuff!

After presents we ate breakfast. Goosie and Dylan made a queesh for breakfast that was amazing!

Then we headed over to my grandma's for another gift exchange and to hang out with the family for a good while. We headed back home to finish and then eat dinner. Prime rib, baked potatoes, rolls, green beans--delicious! One of my most favorite meals of the year.

After dinner Dylan used some of his new alcohol he got to make Toasted Marshmallow Amore Martinis. Amaretto, Bailey's, Kahlua, toasted marshmallows syrup, ice cream and a chocolate syrup swirl. Delicious!

I got all sorts of fun things for Christmas this year and got to spend a lot of quality time with my family. Let the countdown to next Christmas begin!


  1. Love your sparklies and I need a pair of those gloves! So happy you guys had a great Christmas!


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