Sunday, December 4, 2011

Decorations of Red on a Green Christmas Tree

We put up our tree this last week!

We have a 6 foot tall fake Christmas tree that we got from my grandparents when they moves from their house to a smaller townhouse. We have a fake tree, much to Dylan's sadness, because A) I am allergic to real trees. My parents used to have a real tree. Then my mom started getting allergy headaches from them and then when I was around 10 years old I started getting hives from touching the tree. So no more real trees. and B) It is much more efficient and clean to have a fake tree. You spend the money once and it can theoretically last for ever. And there is no watering and pine needles falling every where. Plus you can bend the branches to wherever you want or need them :)

So here is our tree progress:

Before lights/decorations
 After the lights. I had read something on pinterest to make your lights show up better when you photograph them. Not too shabby!

Here are some of our new ornaments! This is our Huskers snow man.
 This is our smores snowman from Estes Park
 A sweet stained glass CU ornament.
 We also got a Norwegian Elkhound ornament in Estes Park.
Here is the tree with the ornaments. We left the bottom foot of the tree empty in case of the puppies. 
 Here is is so you can see the lights too.
Not a bad job, if I do say so myself! Dylan wasn't a whole lot of help, in fact he only helped put the lights on since that is so difficult with just one person. Then afterwards Dylan noticed that we had some ornaments that his mom gave us, including some from when he was little. Then he got all nostalgic. That kid! Ah well, as long as he is less of a scrooge when we have kids I guess that will be fine.

Here are some more pics of our pretty ornaments on the tree:

 Dylan's mom also gave us some ornaments from Denmark.
 I love all of the snowflake ones :)

So that is our tree! Our plan is to get a new one next year. We want a 9 foot tree instead of 6 feet, since we ran out of space for our ornaments and I love to get ornaments at all of the places we go so we will always have more. We need more lights and I also want to put ribbon on the tree next year too. Hopefully we can find a non-prelit 9' tree between this year and next year that we like.

Bring on the Christmas festivities!

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  1. Aww the tree is lovely and I hear you on fake trees. Alex wants a real one - I just light candles and make it SMELL like a real one.

    I am jealous of how pretty your tree is though. Ours is a cheap-o tree with hardly any needles so it looks fake. Yours looks real!


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