Monday, August 8, 2011

Ares the Social Butterfly

In my non-professional opinion, one of the most important things you can do for your new puppy is socialize them. We met new dogs all the time when Freya was a puppy and she LOVES dogs. We are working on the same thing with Ares.

We went up to Longmont to visit two different groups of friends.

The first have a 5 1/2 month old boxer mix puppy named Roxy. She is huge compared to my dogs, but they all had to much fun!

Everyone getting to know each other

Roxy and Ares playing under the coffee table

For the most part it was Freya and Roxy playing, since they are pretty close in size

Ares watched from a secure location
  We met up at my friend's house and then went to grab Noodles for lunch to eat at the park and have a puppy play date. I totally left my purse and camera in the car, so I didn't have pictures of the dogs on their walk. :( Ares did SO good! He didn't stop walking with everyone the whole time. When we got to the little river and a mini waterfall, we went and stood in a place where it was running over the rocks. He just came right in a laid down in it! He is so fearless and I think he really likes the water. I told Dylan we should get a pool for him.

Ares chillin the the shade before our walk.
Transporting from my friend's house to the park. They are so cute together!
 After the park, I met went over to my other friends' house. Their dog is Drakie, an 8 year old yellow lab. He is so cute and so good! The puppies took a nap when we first got there, so we went and grabbed ice cream. When we got back we all hung out in their backyard.

Drakie and Ares sniffing

Each dog had their own bone to chew on and they were spaced out and happy chewing on them. It was hilarious because Drakie would bring one out, then Freya stole it, then he brought another one and Ares stole it, then Drakie finally got one for himself.

My friend holding the little fluff ball.
On Sunday, another of my friend's brought her dog over to our house. All of the dogs got a long great. Ares is hardly even phased when a new dog arrives. We are doing a great job of socializing him so far. He will start puppy class in about a week and a half, so that will be fun! He will be through his distemper shots in about 5 weeks, and then we can go to the dog parks. That will actually be good timing since it should be cooler out.

Also, he is getting huge! We don't have a scale to weigh him, but he it a lot longer and definitely taller. His ears are still folded down though, so that is good (it may also mean he will be giant!)

Ares getting ready to pounce on Freya.

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