Thursday, July 28, 2011

Puppy Preparations

We get to pick up new puppy in 3 hours! I had to put a blog together about it real quick so show all of the stuff we have gotten in preparation.

Here are the toys we bought. Some are more Freya sized, but they will eventually share anyways.
 Here is stuff to feed (and treat) new puppy. It tooks us forever to find a food that suited Freya's digestive tract (let's just say she can stink up a place real fast), so we are going with the puppy version of her food which has the 28% protein required :) We also got some enw treats. The blueberry ones are some that Freya really likes and the other ones looked delicious, or would if I was a puppy. Then we also got a food bowl for him so they each have their own.
 This is his leash, collar and doggie bag dispenser. They all match :) We decided to go with green for him (even though he is the blue collar puppy, we wanted green for his color). They did not have a green leash though, so black works.
 Here is a close up of his adorable collar :)
 Here is his bed if he wants to use it. Green too. You can see Freya in the background.
 We have had this stuff in a closed bedroom so she couldn't bother it. I think she may be on to us now.

This is her sniffing at the stuff on the bed.
 This is her while I started blogging after I took pictures. She does look a little dejected and suspicious.
 And maybe a little protective of mom. I think she will be just fine though. I am taking her over to my parents on the way to the airport so then Dylan and I will meet up at the park to introduce them for the first time. Neutral territory, you know.
Well, I'm off to drop of Freya and pick up new puppy! (He still does not have a name...)

I cannot wait to post a lot of super cute pictures!

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