Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cloth Diapering: The Good, The Band and The Ugly

For those of you that don't know, Dylan and I decided to use cloth diapers for our Vanderman. Cloth diapering has its pros and cons versus disposable diapers, but first let me tell you how we decided to get into it.
While we were pregnant Dylan and I decided to look into cloth diapering. I had a couple friends and blogs I follow that cloth diapered and loved it.
The main reasons we looked into cloth diapers were for cost savings and partly for ease of having a supply of diapers without having to leave the house.
We took a class at a store called The Giggling Green Bean (great local store in Denver and Lakewood that I highly recommend!) just to look into cloth diapers as an option. Dylan wanted to cloth diaper since he wasn't a fan of the smell of disposable diapers (something from putting them on the shelves while he worked at Target).
At the class they walked through the different types of cloth diapers. Full folds, prefolds, pockets, all-in-ones, all-in-twos. They also told us about washing, putting them on the baby and other helpful tips.
The Good: We ended up deciding on prefolds. They can come in one size fit all and therefore are more cost effective. We have thirty diapers and a dozen diaper covers. This lasts us about three and a half days before we need to wash them.
Bucket o' prefolds
Diapers cover in the front (bottom) and extra pail liner in back (top)
The Bad: The last hurdle we had in deciding to do cloth diapers was daycare. We figured most day care centers wouldn't cloth diaper. We actually ended up finding one that would, but picked a center that wouldn't. We did some math and still decided to take the plunge into cloth diapering, even with the fact that we would be only be doing with half time once he hit twelve weeks. So this lessens the cost savings significantly, but it is still there even in the short term.
The Ugly: Initial feelings on cloth diapers...the first time we tried to use them when he was like a week old, I apparently had missed the memo that they would be so wet and well...gross.
When we tried them again a week later I was over that though. The next challenge was actually getting the diaper on. We ended up watching some you tube videos to figure it out.
More Good: We had to wait until he was about two weeks old until he would really fit the cloth diapers but since then they have worked great! We haven't really had any blow outs or leakage.

We have used disposable diapers a couple times. We used them when we traveled and whenever my mom babysits. When we were in Montana Vander hated being wet in the disposable diapers, but he seems to have gotten over that since then. We have definitely had more leaks with disposables, but we didn't realize you needed to fluff out around the legs so they get a good seal.

More Bad: I am curious to see if we still use cloth once we get into using disposables for daycare. One of the things I really enjoy about disposables is that there we get to see more of Vander's chunker thighs :)
The use of cloth diapers has been convenient most of the time. It can be less convenient when we are out and about and need to have diapers and covers and the ability the hold used diapers too. It makes for a giant diaper bag when we are out all day.
More Ugly: For some reason we have had significant issues with staining of the diapers. The yellow orange stains after we wash diapers is not fun when you spend the time to do a prewash cycle and then a full wash with extra rinse. We will bleach the diapers about every four or five laundry cycles to help with this. We use the special detergent and everything, but I am sure using the little top-bottom washer in the basement is less effective.
One other ugly is that while Vander is only on liquids, everything is water soluble so it goes right into the diaper pail. I am not looking forward to having to rinse out diapers and use the toilet once we start solids. Dylan already agreed to revisit cloth diapers after Vander gets into daycare and we see how practical they still are.
Overall I am definitely glad we are using them. They hold up great, the covers are cute and we never need to run to the store for more diapers!

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